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CWIEME 2016 in Berlin

03/15/2016 | Trade shows & events

Electrical steel strip expertise at the 2016

CWIEME trade show Waelzholz is focusing its materials development activities on efficient drives for the mega trend e-mobility, also making them a highlight of their exhibition at this year’s CWIEME which takes place from May 10 to 12 in Berlin. The use of electric drives has become very prominent in various mobility concepts over the past few years, and use of electric drive technology in the e-bike market is spurring on dynamic development and has lead from one sales record to the next for several years now. The future international markets in the automobile industry, which play an important role for Waelzholz, clearly demonstrate the increasing demand for efficient electrical steel strip grades – independent of the wide array of concepts ranging from hybrid drives to fully electric drives. All car manufacturers are following this trend and developing innovative efficient energy consumption and recovery components for their drive concepts. In tune with this trend, Waelzholz provides high-quality electrical steel strip characterized by low core losses, high flux density and permeability. Waelzholz also provides special high-strength grades, which can withstand extreme mechanical stress, for electric motors with high RPMs.

Development collaboration for a high degree of freedom and flexibility

A cooperation early on in the development process allows customers to benefit from a greater degree of freedom and flexibility in the construction phase. Waelzholz experts do not only work closely with a customer’s project teams – they also involve raw material suppliers in the planning process from the very start. This method produces high-quality electrical steel strip with customized properties that ensure the desired performance characteristics. Electrical steel strip can be found wherever high-performance motors and generators are needed for energy use or conversion – for example, in wind turbine generators, motors in high-speed trains or in high-end tools and household appliances.

Increased capacity for the production of high-quality electrical steel strip

Waelzholz is continuing its corporate development. The company acquired the cold rolling division of Wickeder Westfahlenstahl GmbH in Wickede (Ruhr region in Germany), which has an annual production capacity of over 50,000 tons, and began operations there on February 1, 2016. This strategic decision is only the latest step in the ongoing expansion of the core business of the family-owned company in in Hagen, Germany, targeted at increasing capacity for the production of high-quality cold rolled steel strip and electrical steel strip. With this expansion and addition to its technology repertoire, Waelzholz is driving forward the results-oriented development of its products, especially those in the area of top-class electrical steel strip grades for the e-mobility market. Visit us as the CWIEME at booth D11 in Hall 4.1 and find out more about our electrical steel strip innovations:

  • Extremely thin NO electrical steel strip with a thickness of as little as 0.1 mm
  • HS grades with a very high yield strength of 500 MPa
  • HP and Perm grades with excellent magnetizability
  • Backlack: bonding technology without material damage

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