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05/11/2017 | Trade shows & events

Sophisticated: from consultation to electrical steel strip

At the CWIEME, which will take place from June 20 to 22 in Berlin, Waelzholz will present a comprehensive spectrum of efficient electrical steel strip grades and customized services. One focus of our exhibition at the trade show is on very high-quality electrical steel strip grades for e-mobility and the presentation of various coating combinations.

Modern electric drives with high engine speeds for use in cars place enormous requirements on the electrical steel strip used. These requirements include low core losses, a highest possible degree of dimensional accuracy and mechanical stability. Waelzholz fulfills this requirement profile with extremely thin electrical steel strip with thicknesses of up to 1,10 millimeters, minimal thickness deviations within the range of only a few thousandths of a millimeter and high-strength electrical steel strip variations with yield strengths of over 500 MPa. Furthermore, high-performance electrical steel strip from Waelzholz ensures efficient energy transmission thanks to its high flux density and permeability. These are the ideal characteristics for the compact, high-performance engines used in electric and hybrid vehicles.


Combination coatings: the best of two worlds

Waelzholz presents individual coating variations with combination coatings: With the synthesis of various coating systems, it is possible to take advantage of the properties of different coatings simultaneously. For example, insulating varnish and Backlack can be combined. This custom coating combines excellent insulating properties with the bonding technology of Backlack. The advantages: Efficient stacking with secure bonding of the laminations, including effective insulation.


Consultation at every stage of the value added chain

The Waelzholz exhibition at CWIEME will be rounded out by consultation services aimed at customers at all stages of the value added chain. Topics relevant to the respective stage of the value added chain will be addressed, giving customers tailored solutions capable of providing them with a competitive advantage. The focus, however, is not only on the joint development of future-oriented products, but, to a larger degree, on active accompaniment of customers in accessing new markets.

Visit us at CWIEME 2017 at Hall 2.2 Booth D11and ask us how we can provide you with our support.

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