Presenting the Wälzholz App at CWIEME 2014 in Berlin

06/26/2014 | Trade shows & events

Success with tailor-made solutions

Berlin, June 24, 2014. At the Coil Winding Exhibition 2014 C.D. Wälzholz again presented its innovative solutions for modern mobility concepts. The main focuses were on ‘electric drives’ and ‘electric mobility’

One example for C.D. Wälzholz’s innovative and customer-oriented solutions is the further development of a special bonding method, the Backlack Technology. Quite frequently, varnished electrical steel strip is requested in order to improve the punching properties of the material and to reduce eddy current losses in the punched stacks. The Backlack Technology by C.D. Wälzholz, however, is a bonding technology as well. The electrical steel strip is coated with a special kind of varnish so that the customer can bond the stamped-out lamellas under certain temperatures and pressure to obtain lamination stacks. This procedure, which was developed further by the Hagen family-owned company in cooperation with a varnish supplier, offers considerable advantages compared to the usual welding or interlocking methods. The stacks bonded by means of the Backlack Technology are compact and impervious to fluids. Mechanical finishing is not necessary, and there are no welding seams or join patches. Therefore complex stacking geometries are possible and the magnetic flow remains undisturbed. In connection with appropriate high-capacity materials, this technology is used for sophisticated applications – like e-drives of automobiles.

»The combination of material, design and the suitable type of varnish, tailor-made to exactly meet our customers’ requirements, is one of our strengths. Our low-loss NO grades, for example, are also available in the high-strength NO-HS version that ensures an optimal stability of the rotor stacks for high-frequency motors. We work in close cooperation with the customers project teams as well as with our suppliers in order to be able to supply a highquality product with exactly the properties required by our customer«, Norbert Brachthäuser explains. He is in charge of material development in the electrical steel section at C.D. Wälzholz. »The decision making processes are short, and we often use unconventional methods to find innovative solutions. Therefore it stands to reason that we presented ourselves in an innovative fashion and, I suppose also quite unconventionally for our particular industrial sector, at the Coil Winding Exhibition: we were able to show our customers the additional benefits of our top grades directly at the fair stand by means of our new Augmented Reality App«.

»We discovered the issue of electric mobility as an important growth driver quite a while ago. As early as in the 1990s we cooperated with a well-known manufacturer in the development of its fuel cell automobile and electric drive«, CDW’s managing partner Dr.-Ing. Hans-Toni Junius says. »Today with our electrical steel strip we show presence where innovation takes shape in trend-setting automobiles. However, our electrical steel strip is not solely used in the automotive sector, but also wherever electrical energy is generated or transformed into power including generators of wind turbines, high-speed train motors, compressors or premium household goods appliances«.

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