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Waelzholz presents Backlack at SWD Technology Day

10/24/2018 | Trade shows & events

Daniel Dunker gave a talk about current Backlack technology

In October 2018, Waelzholz accepted the invitation from its long-standing customer SWD to attend the company’s Technology Day in Densbüren, Switzerland. Representing Waelzholz, Rainer Dinn and Gerd Zehner from sales as well as Daniel Dunker and Norbert Brachthäuser from materials technology took part in the festivities.

The event included a series of talks on the subject of Backlack. Together with Dr. Lomoschitz from Axalta, Daniel Dunker spoke about the development and trends in the production of electric motors made of lamination stacks, which are bonded using Backlack technology. As the sole supplier of Backlack products, Waelzholz enables its customer SWD to quickly bond stators and stator segments, which the Swiss company does using its proprietary BPS® and EPS® technology. To ensure that the material can be processed as effectively as possible after bonding, Waelzholz coats its electrical steel strip grades extremely uniformly. Waelzholz Backlack bonds electrical steel strip plates without damaging the material, thereby completely preserving the key material properties of the electrical steel strip and guaranteeing undisturbed magnetic flux.

The event was rounded off with further talks on serial production, trends, and opportunities for Backlack technology. The lectures demonstrated that Backlack is already extremely suitable for serial production today and has become really cost-efficient – two aspects that need  to be expanded further. Together with its customers Waelzholz will therefore continue working intensively on current development topics such as fast bonding of electrical steep strip laminations and the use of increasingly thin layers.

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